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Project Time:

12-14 days during winter/summer vacation

For the crowd:

Students studying at home and abroad

project cost:

USD 4900/person

This project takes the diversified American English classroom learning as the source, and comprehensively enhances the in-depth study of engineering students in English language expression, cultural and linguistic differences between China and the United States, the essence of American language and culture, the foundation and the spirit of the American contract, etc. Adapt to American classrooms and acquire authentic American language and American culture easily. At the same time, the project designed campus visits and exchange activities for famous California universities such as Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, and University of Southern California. Students can experience the campus life and cultural experience of the world's top science and engineering schools in person, communicate face-to-face with outstanding students from local famous schools and share their experience of studying abroad, conduct academic brainstorming exchanges with well-known professors and doctoral students, and gain the latest academic information and full learning motivation.


The purpose of this project is to help students establish engineering thinking and innovative thinking. It will carry out the learning mode of innovative technology project competition, listen to Stanford professor's lectures on engineering and technology innovation, participate in the large-scale innovation and technology exhibition in San Francisco, go to Google headquarters, and meet senior staff. Exchange scientific and technological innovation thinking and practical experience, visit FaceBook company and Amazon's confidence in packaging, deep learning working principle and innovative design, visit the largest helicopter innovation technology company in the United States, etc. Through the combination of theoretical and practical study and study, complete group innovation and technology projects, obtain valuable innovative practical academic experience and comprehensive international perspective.

Project Introduction

Essence itinerary

US East Tour itinerary

Visit Columbia University, Wall Street, New York
Top professors from MIT's 7 labs teach engineering materials innovation courses
MIT and Harvard University's great-level Chinese doctors, post-doctoral seniors and seniors communicated cordially
MIT Classic Drone Interactive Course
Visit a famous robotics company in Boston

American West Tour

Visit Stanford University and its School of Engineering, and interact with scholars
Stanford teaches engineering and technological innovation courses
Visit Stanford Engineering Professor Niu's Laboratory
Visit UC Berkeley and discuss technology projects with engineering students
Visit the Google Campus in Silicon Valley, exchange technological innovations with Google technology giants and share Google work experience
Visit the largest helicopter technology company in the United States
Interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses by top professors in engineering schools such as USC and UCLA

Project Highlights

The mobile American English class enhances English language expression and acquires authentic American language and American culture.

Visit the world's top science and engineering universities, perceive the atmosphere and campus culture of famous schools, and communicate face-to-face with professors and students

Establish engineering thinking and innovative thinking, and visit Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and other famous technology innovation companies in Silicon Valley in California. 

Fee includes

Program registration fee and handling fee
Round-trip airfare to the United States
Visa Guidance Fee
Insurance during travel activities in the United States
Full accommodation fee
Three meals a day and drinking water
Transportation costs during the trip
All visit and study fees and course activities fees in the itinerary
All business and reception fees and related admission fees in the itinerary
All staff labor costs in the itinerary
Activity certificate fee
Expenses for activity materials and other related materials

Fee does not include

Exciting photos from the past

Additional transportation costs due to personal reasons
Additional hotel charges due to personal violations or extra spending
All other additional fees not listed in the above "fees include" clause
Expenses incurred in the event of force majeure such as weather, strikes, flight cancellations, etc.
All expenses incurred during the stay due to loss of passport and other documents due to personal reasons
Economic losses or compensation expenses due to personal negligence, violation of regulations or laws
College free activities, such as personal consumption during shopping and additional consumption in the hotel

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