The project is divided into three modules:

1.  Business thinking and planning

Wharton Financial school's financial essential course" to enhance the students’ hard power.


2. The psychology and skill of a successful business investment banker


The development of international business vision: a discussion on the basic theory of investment in Wall Street.


3. Real experience in financial companies


Global talent preparation and workplace literacy upgrading" for future business elite.

The Future Young Leaders Program (FYLP) aims to provide a multidimensional learning tour for students to fully engage in leadership, finance and investment. On top of developing these key skills, this trip will help improve students’ English language proficiency, enrich their knowledge of Western culture, and develop a thorough understanding of the local society, academics, and American spirit. It will accelerate the adaptation to American classrooms and help students to quickly acquire the native language and cultural perception. In addition, the camp will integrate school visits to top-notch universities, such as University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, New York University. Students will have an array of opportunities to experience the local campus life, study and communicate with honored students to get the first-hand learning resources, and conduct informative brainstorming sessions with doctoral students and prestigious professors to bring out innovative ideas for research projects. It will be a great experience for honing essential people skills and preparing for your future study and career development.


In this Leadership Camp, students will compete in group-based projects. The projects are designed to build a foundation for entrepreneurial thinking and an investment mindset through competitions focused on making business plans followed by a mock investment completion. Students will participate in workshops and lectures revolving around business proposals and presentations as well as investment fundamentals. These will be led by professors from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Students will discuss ideas and share information within groups facilitated by PhD students from other top-notch schools as well. In addition, students will have a chance to attend lectures delivered by senior directors from some of the world’s largest financial institutes, including, but not limited to JP Morgan, Point 72, and BOA Merrill Lynch. Through this hands-on learning tour that combines theories and practices, students will be armed with better teamwork, leadership ability and financial creativity—all the tools they will need to complete the projects on their own.


Program features

Wharton Business School / Columbia University

Business Project Planning Competition

Wall Street giant financial company JP MORGAN senior analyst lecture, etc.

Classic Investment Course

United Nations / New York Stock Exchange / Fed

Enterprise in-depth practice exchange

Wall Street Finance Company Internship

Wharton faculty recommendation

register information

Project Time

11 days during the winter / summer vacation


High school and university students at home and abroad


project cost

USD 6500 / person


Project highlights

All FYLP project colleges will receive a Wharton Business School course certificate after completion of the course, and the outstanding students (TOP30%) will receive a Wall Street Finance Company internship opportunity or a recommendation letter from Professor Wharton and a certificate of outstanding students. This project incorporates visits to top universities in the world, including the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. Feel the characteristics of the Ivy League campus, communicate face-to-face with the students, and truly experience overseas study and life.

​Essence itinerary

Business Planning 101 of the Wharton Classic Course
Global Marketing, Wharton Classic Course
Negotiation and Communication Skills for Leaders in the Wharton Soft Power Program
Ballroom Dance Crash Course in New York Social Etiquette and Culture
Wall Street senior financial analyst talks about personal career development and American workplace analysis
Fund Management and Risk Assessment of Wall Street's Core Investment Thinking Training
Speeches and presentations by the Wall Street mock investor competition group, evaluation and evaluation by senior investors
Visit the United Nations Headquarters to fully open up an international perspective

Fee includes

Fee does not include

Program registration fee and handling fee
Round-trip airfare to the United States
Visa Guidance Fee
Insurance during travel activities in the United States
Full accommodation fee
Three meals a day and drinking water
Transportation costs during the trip
All visit and study fees and course activities fees in the itinerary
All business and reception fees and related admission fees in the itinerary
All staff labor costs in the itinerary
Activity certificate fee
Expenses for activity materials and other related materials
College free activities, such as personal consumption during shopping and additional consumption in the hotel
Economic losses or compensation expenses due to personal negligence, violation of regulations or laws
All expenses incurred during the stay due to loss of passport and other documents due to personal reasons
Expenses incurred in the event of force majeure such as weather, strikes, flight cancellations, etc.
All other additional fees not listed in the above "fees include" clause
Additional hotel charges due to personal violations or extra spending
Additional transportation costs due to personal reasons

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