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Project Time:

July 29, 2018 - August 6, 2018

For the crowd:

Elementary/middle/high school students interested in piano, music and arts

project cost:

USD 4900/person

Music opens life, music knows no borders. This project aims to design and carry out a musical journey, sow the seeds for children's childhood, open a window for parents, open the vision of music, travel in the name of music, and knock on the door of music with the hands of the piano.


During this trip, famous teachers from Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, and New England Conservatory of Music, the three famous conservatories in the eastern United States, will bring wonderful and vivid master classes to students. Chinese piano children generally lack the imagination of music. Taking master classes can infiltrate the concept of "music is full of beauty and requires active exploration", clarify the meaning of learning music, and cultivate children's appreciation ability and aesthetic understanding of music. Participating in piano master classes is conducive to developing children's independent thinking. Piano children should not only read music and play the piano. Accumulation of knowledge and comprehensive cultivation have a great impact on the depth of performance, logic, imagination and multi-dimensional understanding of repertoire. Piano master classes can help children learn the creative background and composition of works. A comprehensive knowledge of music such as family life and style and genre characteristics.


International education concept, face-to-face communication to deepen understanding of music, improvement of deficiencies with the help of masters, improvement of piano practice efficiency, enhancement of performance skills and grasp of style, etc. This program will benefit both students and parents Substantial.

Project Introduction

Project Highlights

United with four world-renowned music academies in the east of the United States

One-to-one teaching from top famous teachers

Diversified curriculum design for Western music history, jazz, classical, etc.

Visit top private high schools and world-class universities in the United States to open the door to future study

In-depth understanding of American culture and history, greatly expand children's horizons and musical literacy

Essence itinerary

One-to-one piano thinking and performing arts majors from top professors of children's piano at Mannes School of Music Award-winning professors from the Juilliard School teach one-to-one classical piano majors Enjoy the famous Broadway performances of New York's musical and experience the unique artistic charm of The Phantom of the Opera Berkeley Boston Music The school's top Grammy-winning professors teach 1-to-1 courses. Berklee College of Music's top piano professors teach jazz and piano courses. Visiting New York's top private high schools, HMS and River Valley Middle School, etc. Visiting New York's famous Lincoln Center Concert Hall, etc. Visiting the above four The School of Music and Columbia University, New York University, Harvard University and other world-class piano performance report performances

Program registration fee and handling fee
Fee includes
Round-trip airfare to the United States
Visa Guidance Fee
Insurance during travel activities in the United States
Full accommodation fee
Three meals a day and drinking water
Transportation costs during the trip
Program registration fee and handling fee
All visits and learning activities and course activities in the itinerary
All business and reception fees and related admission fees in the itinerary
All staff labor costs in the itinerary
Activity certificate fee
Expenses for activity materials and other related materials
Fee does not include
Free activities for students, such as personal consumption during shopping and extra consumption in the hotel
Economic losses or compensation expenses due to personal negligence, violation of regulations or laws
All expenses incurred during the stay due to loss of passport and other documents due to personal reasons
Expenses incurred in the event of force majeure such as weather, strikes, flight cancellations, etc.
All other additional fees not listed in the above "fees include" clause
Additional hotel charges due to personal violations or extra spending
Additional transportation costs due to personal reasons

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