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Project Time

8 days during winter/summer vacation

for the crowd

Domestic and foreign high school students who are preparing to apply to American universities are targeted at the crowd

project cost

USD 4100/person

Summer SAT test group activities The SAT test is the core, and around this point, the corresponding mock tests, mock test analysis, test preparation exercises and Q&A sessions in the itinerary of American high school and domestic high school students will be carried out, and the students will be uniformly arranged and led to complete the SAT official SAT on the designated date in the summer. take an exam. In addition, the test team took the SAT test as an opportunity to help students open their minds from the source of undergraduate education in the United States, and have face-to-face direct communication with admissions officers from world-renowned universities such as Columbia University, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Learn the real secrets of undergraduate applications.


In addition to the serious and intense SAT preparation and mock interviews for admission to prestigious schools, the test team also arranged for students to visit and visit prestigious schools in the New York area, Boston area, Philadelphia area and other cities. Specific schools include Columbia University, New York University, Harvard University, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University, Tufts University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, etc. Through the exchange of experience in undergraduate application and study in the United States with outstanding students from local famous schools, while successfully completing the exam, they also gained a vigorous exchange journey, obtained the secrets of applying for undergraduate programs in the United States and full of motivation, for the upcoming The fall application season replenishes energy and confidence.

Project Introduction

Essence itinerary

Comprehensive SAT Prep Mode
Top famous teacher model test analysis and Q&A
Face-to-face communication with admissions officers of prestigious schools
Efficiently teach undergraduate application interview skills and mock interviews
Visits from prestigious universities in the eastern United States such as Columbia University, Harvard University, Brandeis University, and Tufts University
In-depth experience of campus academic culture
Students and parents communicate with zero distance across time zones
24 hours live update team activities

Exciting photos from the past

Fee includes

Project registration fee and handling fee;

Round-trip airfare to the United States;

visa guidance fee;

Insurance during the travel activity in the United States;

full accommodation fee;

three meals a day and drinking water;

Transportation costs within the itinerary;

All visiting and learning activities and course activities in the itinerary;

All business and reception fees and related admission fees within the itinerary;

All staff labor costs in the itinerary;

activity certificate fee;

Expenses for activity materials and other related materials.

Fee does not include

Free activities for students, such as personal consumption during shopping and additional consumption in the hotel;

Economic losses or compensation expenses caused by personal negligence, violation of regulations or laws;

Loss of passport and other documents due to personal reasons during the stay;

Expenses incurred in the event of force majeure such as weather, strikes, flight cancellations, etc.;

All other additional fees not listed in the above "fees include" clause;

Additional hotel charges due to personal violations or additional consumption;

Additional transportation costs for personal reasons.