Project time :

10-day itinerary during the semester of American secondary school (September to June of the following year)

For the crowd:

Primary and secondary school students who intend to study in the United States

project cost:

USD 4900/person

The boom of studying abroad at a young age has become more and more popular in recent years, and it has become one of the important choices for Chinese parents to consider when planning their children's junior high school and even primary school education. Undoubtedly, the teaching quality, educational philosophy and educational environment of the top private middle schools in the United States provide the most suitable soil for the comprehensive development of children. In this boom, it is crucial that parents and students keep a clear head, analyze the situation rationally, and make the most suitable educational choices for their children.

InAmerica’s American K12 team launches VIP [Top High Schools in America] VIP school visit camp every spring and autumn. Based on years of experience in American high school application and close relationship with the school’s admissions department, we design the most customized camp for the special needs of Chinese parents and students. Best top middle school visit itinerary. Our carefully selected school list and itinerary allow students to have an in-depth understanding of different types of top American middle schools, and also set up interview training, American education system explanations and cultural experience activities, etc., to abandon the fancy visit, and give students and parents It provides a unique school visit experience, which not only helps students choose the most suitable school and improves their application chances, but also provides real and useful information for students to study and live in the United States in the future.

Project Introduction

register information

Project Highlights

Senior team lead project

All-round VIP visit    

Professional interview coaching

Handpicked list of schools

Exclusive interview arrangement    

Rich cultural experience activities

​Essence itinerary

Professional school visit interview training + mock interview
Visit TOP 1 Horace Mann in New York and schedule an interview with an admissions officer
A summary of the school visit, and a professional analysis and interpretation of the school's academics and characteristics
View the top Ivy League preparatory high school Riverdale Country School
American education system explanation and school visit summary
Enjoy the famous Broadway show in New York and feel the unique charm of opera

Fee includes

Fee does not include

College free activities, such as personal consumption during shopping and additional consumption in the hotel
Economic losses or compensation expenses due to personal negligence, violation of regulations or laws
All expenses incurred during the stay due to loss of passport and other documents due to personal reasons
Expenses incurred in the event of force majeure such as weather, strikes, flight cancellations, etc.
All other additional fees not listed in the above "fees include" clause
Additional hotel charges due to personal violations or extra spending
Additional transportation costs due to personal reasons

Project registration fee and handling fee;

Round-trip airfare to the United States;

visa guidance fee;

Insurance during the travel activity in the United States;

full accommodation fee;

three meals a day and drinking water;

Transportation costs within the itinerary;

All visiting and learning activities and course activities in the itinerary;

All business and reception fees and related admission fees within the itinerary;

All staff labor costs in the itinerary;

activity certificate fee;

Expenses for activity materials and other related materials.